Meats Supreme | Steakhouse Sampler Package

Meats Supreme | Steakhouse Sampler Package


Bring the flavor of a Steakhouse right into your home with our Steakhouse Sampler Package!

Two Steaks (Rib Eye or NY Strip). Two Filet Mignon Steaks. Four Burgers. Thick-Cut Bacon. Two Box Exclusives.

Try our hand-selected assortment of steakhouse-quality steaks and burgers.

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Beef Patties:
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Steakhouse Package Includes:

USDA Prime New York Strip Steak or USDA Prime Rib Eye | 2-Pack ▼

Choose from either our New York Strip Steak (8oz.) or Rib Eye (8oz.) 2-Packs. (1)

USDA Prime Filet Mignon Steaks | 2-Pack ▼

Two (2) 6oz. USDA Prime Tender Cuts of Steak. (1)

Beef Sirloin Burgers | 4-Pack ▼

Choose from any 4-Pack of our 6oz. Beef Sirloin Burgers, available in Original, Bacon & Cheddar, or Steakhouse. (1)

Hand-Cut Thick Sliced Slab Bacon ▼

Half-Pound Slab of Smoked Bacon. (1) - Box Exclusive!

House Made Steak Sauce ▼

Meats Supreme Brand House-Made Steak Sauce. (1)

Italian Chocolate Eclair Pastries | 5-pack ▼

Five (5) Decadent Cream Filled Pastries. (1) - Box Exclusive!

Allergen Information: Ingredients may contain eggs, wheat, and milk.