Meats Supreme | Great On The Grill Package

Meats Supreme | Great On The Grill Package


Upcoming barbeque? Look no further than our Great on the Grill Package, full of our mouthwatering steaks, skewers, and sausages.

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Great on the Grill Package Includes:

USDA Prime New York Strip Steak or USDA Prime Rib Eye ▼

Choose Two (2) of either our New York Strip Steak (8oz.) or Rib Eye (8oz.) (1)

Original Beef Sirloin Burgers | 4-Pack ▼

Four (4) of our 6oz. Original Beef Sirloin Burgers. (1)

Beef or Chicken Original Pinwheel Steaks | 2-Pack ▼

Choice of either Beef or Chicken Pinwheel. (1)

Marinated Beef Skewers | 4-Pack ▼

Available in Hoisin and Scallion, Black Pepper Sauce, and Yakiniku Sauces. (1)

Marinated Chicken Skewers | 4-Pack ▼

Available in Chinese Garlic, Teriyaki, or Bacon Wrapped. (1)

Your Choice of Sweet Traditional or Hot Italian Sausage. (1)

All Beef Frankfurters | 4-Pack ▼

Four (4) of our Signature, Grill Ready Frankfurters. (1) - A Box Exclusive!

Italian Chocolate Eclairs | 5-Pack ▼

Five (5) Decadent, Cream-Filled Pastries. (1) - A Box Exclusive!

Allergen Information: Ingredients may contain eggs, wheat, and milk.